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Title:A Year Without a Job
Genre: Comedy, Drama
First Air Date: 2022-04-11
Last Air Date: 2022-05-17
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 16
Runtime: 70 min
Overview: The story follows two modern women who deal with unemployment and typical day-to-day struggles. Da Yu meets Xiao Yu, a girl born in 1995 who has the same name and surname as herself. Xiao Yu had quit her job out of boredom and by coincidence, the two start living under the same roof. During the year that they are jobless, Da Yu follows Xiao Yu's lead in trying new things. In turn, Xiao Yu also learns to plan things under the influence of Da Yu. They decide to return to the workplace once more. Da Yu who's 30 hits a wall due to the stringent requirements in the corporate world and must find another way to move forward. Meanwhile, Xiao Yu learns to strive hard instead of taking it easy and earns the appreciation of her superiors. In this way, Da Yu and Xiao Yu find the meaning of life and work through each other.
Stars: Jackie Li (He Yu / Da Yu), Wan Peng (Xiao Yu), Zhai Zilu (Jin Chengwu), Li Junxian (Song Zelin), Jiang Xueming (Li Ao), Rui Zhu (Ou Sha)