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史上最強の弟子ケンイチ Season 1 Episode 3 : Strength and Courage! For the Sake of Justice!
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Title:Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Air Date: 2006-10-21
Season Number: 1
Episodes Number: 3
Overview: After watching Kenichi defeat Daimonji, Tsukuba, the strongest member of the karate club, gets suspicious of Kenichi's abilities. At the school Miu, joins the girl's gymnastics club and soon becomes the center of attention after displaying her abilities at gymnastics. Kenichi desperately tries to avoid Tsukuba, but is soon caught and gets beaten to a pulp. Seeing Kenichi repent his loss to Tsukuba, Akisame decides to start training him in some martial arts techniques.
Stars: Tomokazu Seki (Kenichi Shirahama (voice)), , Tomoko Kawakami (Miu Furinji (voice)), , Jurota Kosugi (Akisame Koetsuji (voice)), , Unsho Ishizuka (Shio Sakaki (voice)), , Hiroshi Arikawa (Hayato Furinji (voice)), , Mamiko Noto (Shigure Kosaka (voice)), , Hiroya Ishimaru (Apachai Hopachai (voice)), , Issei Futamata (Kensei Ma (voice)),